Taste of Yerevan Walking Tour

This tour gives travelers to Armenia a taste of local food and drinks with details about each one of them and a general info about the historic and modern culinary traditions of the country.

Armenian food is famous for it’s rich and fresh meat and vegetables, yogurt and cheese and breads and sweets. The variety of the menu is so big, but we will give you the opportunity to taste some of the must-eats in Yerevan. The tour includes tasting of 5 dishes or sandwiches as well as bread, salad, a few drinks and unlimited tasting of sweets. We go to 3 restaurants, show you a bakery, a traditional food market and a café, seeing some historic sites on the way.

Please read all the details here and reserve afterwards on the contact page, mentioning ‘T‘ in the ‘which tour’ section. We will contact you for reconfirmation.

We strongly recommend that you come to the tour with an empty stomach 😉

What time do we meet?


Which days?

Any day, but by reservation only.

Where do we meet?

We will send you the address of the first restaurant after you reserve.

How do we find the guide?

Look for the guide with the Yerevan Free Walking Tour orange badgeWe don’t use umbrellas or flags. Or ask the waiter.

What language?

For the time being the tour is available only in English.

How long does it take?

Around 3 hours.

How many kilometers is the walking distance?


Is it an easy walk?

Yes. We stop at 5-6 places, with 2-12 min walking intervals.

How much is it?

AMD26000 for two people. Add AMD6000 for each additional person. (eg: AMD32000 for 3 people, AMD38000 for 4, etc.).

Do you do big groups?

Yes. We will give you more details for groups over 5 people.

What does it include

The tour includes tasting 5 dishes or sandwiches, bread, salad, a few drinks (1 of which can be an alcoholic beverage, if you want) and unlimited tasting of sweets. We go to 3 restaurants, we show you a bakery, a traditional food market and a cafe. You pay for anything else you want to have.

Do you do vegetarian or vegan food?


Do you have discounts for children?

Yes. But pls let us know beforehand in the ‘Comments’ section.

Does the guide eat with us?

Of course!! 😉 After all, s/he has to show you how to eat like a local.

Who can join?

Travelers and expats in Armenia.

*How do I book?

Please reserve at least a day before on the Contact page, mentioning ‘T‘ in the ‘which tour’ sections. We will answer you for reconfirmation.


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