Every summer (June-Sept.) we organize our traditional pub-crawl with a new name: ‘Kenats‘ Pub Crawl Yerevan.

Yes, you guessed it right!!! ‘Kenats’ (կենաց) in Armenian means ‘Cheers!’. It’s an old Armenian word, meaning ‘for life‘, literally. The crawl is organized by Vako, a veteran bar tender/bar owner in Yerevan, who started his career in Ayia Napa, Cyprus and then moved back to Armenia and ran a few bars in Yerevan.

The crawl starts at 8:30pm, on Fridays and Saturdays only (June-Sept.). We do 4 bars/pubs. We do a free shot in each bar. We tell you drinking stories and traditions and history of nightlife in Yerevan.

Please read all the details here and reserve afterwards on the contact page, mentioning ‘P‘ in the ‘which tour’ sections. We will contact you and give you the exact location of the meeting place.

What time do we meet?

8:30 pm (20:30)

Can we come late (to the 2nd or 3rd bar)?

No. It won’t be a pub-crawl then 😉

Which days?

Every Friday and Saturday (June to Sept).

Where do we meet?

The exact location of the meeting point will be given to you after you make a reservation. Reserve at least an hour before and please join on time.

How do we find the guide?

Look for the guide with the Yerevan Free Walking Tour orange badge.

Is there food in the first bar?

Yes! Plenty of local home-made food for all budgets.

What language?

It’s highly appreciated if you have a good commend in English.

How long does it take?

Around 4 hours. We stay around 1 hour in each bar, but of course you can stay as long as you want at the end.

How many kilometers does it run?

Around 2km.

Is it an easy crawl?

Yes. But it might get a bit tough in the end…That’s when the crawling starts )))

Do we do the pub crawl every weekend?

We do it only if we have reservations.

How much is it?


We do a free shot in each bar. You pay for other drinks (and food) that you order.

How do I book?

In order to secure your participation in our pub crawl, please reserve by going to the Contact page to book at least an hour before. You will also be told about the location of the meeting place after your reservation.

ԿԵՆԱՑ, and see you soon!