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Alternative Yerevan Walking Tour

Our Alternative Yerevan Walking Tour covers areas which are not regularly visited by tourists, on the west side of the center of Yerevan; the Kond pedestrian tunnel, Kond historic neighborhood, the Children’s Railway Station and the Hrazdan River Gorge, Dzoragyugh ethnographic area with breathtaking views of the Victory bridge, the brandy factories and Mount Ararat…

It includes some good (and bad 😉 ) graffiti, the oldest surviving private houses in Yerevan and general info about history, architecture, art and culture…

We finish the tour on Mashtots Avenue and give you a free copy of Backpackers’ Map of Yerevan.

What time do we meet?

13:00 (1pm).

Which days?

Anyday but by reservation only.

Where do we meet?

On the entrance stairs of the main post office building on 22, Saryan Street.

How do we find the guide?

Look for the guide with Yerevan Free Walking Tour (orange logo) badge. We don’t use umbrellas or flags.

What language?

For the time being the tour is available only in English.

How long does it take?

Around 2.5 hours.

How many kilometers does it run?

Around 3.5 km.

Is it an easy walk?

It includes a few hundred meters of uphill-downhill roads and stairs and about 50m dirt road in the Kond neighborhood and down the Hrazdan gorge.

How much is it?

AMD10,000 fixed payment, plus AMD2000/person.

Meaning; AMD12,000 for one person, 14,000 for two, 18,000 for four, etc.

Who can join?

Travelers and expats in Armenia.

*How do I book?

In order to secure your participation in our tours, please reserve by going to the Contact page and mentioning ‘A‘ in the Which Tour Section, and we’ll get back to you to reconfirm if the tour is happening.


alternative yerevan walking tour
Children’s Railway Station
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