Main Tour

Our Main Tour covers around 20 points of interest in the small center of Yerevan (Pokr Kentron; the circle on the map), plus detailed info about history, art, food’n’drinks, architecture, religion, language, cultural and night life, etc. It takes you to the main sites (Republic Square, Northern Avenue, Aznavour Square, Opera, Cascades, etc.) as well as to 19th Century typical backyards and alleys and hidden places of old Yerevan, telling you the secrets and interesting and fun stories about our 2803-years-young-city.

This is a 3-hour-walking-and-standing-tour, with a lot of talking and info. So, come prepared for that 😉

An optional ending to the tour is joining us in a typical local resto or bar (or both)))) 

What time do we meet?

16:00 (4pm).

Which days?

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun, but by reservation only*.

Where do we meet?

By the entrance to the History Museum on Republic Square. The address of the museum is 4 Republic Square, and we meet by it’s main entrance (on the Republic Square side not on Aram Street).

Pls note that when you Google our tour it leads you to another tour on Google Maps as our tour listing was merged into the other tour by mistake. That’s why we chose Yandex Maps here. So, if you chose our tour reserve* here on our site 😉 you can follow the walking directions on the map to find the exact meeting point.

How do we find the guide?

Look for the guide with Yerevan Free Walking Tour (orange logo) badge. We don’t use umbrellas or flags.

What language?

For the time being the tour is available only in English.

How long does it take?

2.5-3 hours.

How many kilometers does it run?

Around 4 km.

Is it an easy walk?

Yes. But this is a 2.5-3 hours walking and standing tour. So, please be sure that you can do it and come prepared for that; good shoes, sun tan lotion, a bottle of water, etc. in the summer, an umbrella in Spring and Autumn and a good jacket and boots in the winter.

Do we do the tours if it rains?

Yes! We do it even when it’s +40C in the summer 😉 .

Why is it free?

Free walking tours are done almost everywhere in the world. Guides don’t get paid a fixed salary. Travelers don’t pay anything up ahead, but tip the guide at the end. It’s up to the traveler to appreciate the tour and decide how much to give.

Do we do big groups?

Yes. But for groups of ten and above, write to us the number of participants and we’ll tell you how it works.

*How do I book?

In order to secure your participation in our tours, please reserve by going to the Contact page. We will answer you for reconfirmation. 

A late 19th century hidden backyard in Yerevan.


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