Welcome to the first free walking tour in Yerevan! Almost 8 years of experience.

YES! we are the oldest in the South Caucasus Region!

Our Main Tour covers around 20 points of interest in the center of Yerevan, plus detailed info about history, art, cuisine, architecture, cultural and night life, etc. It takes you to the main sites as well as to back alleys and hidden places, telling you stories about our 2804-years-young-city. It lasts around 3 hours, walking around 4 kms.

As with all free walking tours around the world, it works on tipping the guide. The travelers don’t pay up ahead and it’s up to them to appreciate the tour and decide how much to give at the end.

We have other tours as well: SovietAlternative and Taste of Yerevan Walking Tours, as well as our Pub-Crawl . With our partners; Travelers’ Club of Armenia we do Going Everywhere In Armenia; individually tailored private, small group tours all over the country. In order to get more info about each tour, pls read the details on their pages and reserve on the Contact page.

For the time being, all tours are only in English.

We give you a printed version (hard copy) of our Backpackers’ Map of Yerevan at the end of our tours.

We are not on Google Maps, we use Yandex Maps instead. We are not connected to any other tour in Yerevan and this is our only official site, and we take reservation here, ONLY here on this site.

Check-out our Facebook and Instagram pages for our latest news and photos. Pls note that we accept reservations only on our website after reading all the details on the requested tour pages. Our meeting point is the entrance to the History Museum on 4, Republic Square.

Cheers!!! we hope you’ll enjoy our tours!