Please read all the details here and on our tour pages before reservation.

People who haven’t done free tours before, pls google it and understand the concept and reserve accordingly. We have answers to a lot of questions on the tour pages too.

In this season (meaning nowadays) we do the tours by reservation only.

Early reservations are not accepted. Main Tour: reserve a few days before and at least 2 hours before the tour. Soviet and Alternative tours; at least a day before and have to be confirmed on the morning of the tour.

Please reserve only if you are sure you can make it. You’ll have to reconfirm after getting an email from us after your reservation. If you want to cancel, please let us know at least 2 hours before the tour.

Do not reserve on our facebook page or by our phone.

Please check the address , mark it on your map and be at the meeting point (entrance to the History museum on Republic Square) on time (at 4pm). Look for the guide with our orange logo badge (not an umbrella, not a flag, not an orange jacket, etc).